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Sole Vitality Reflexology

A Natural Way to encourage balance throughout the body

Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive technique that encourages relaxation, relieves tension, improves blood circulation, and improves organ function throughout the body.

Revitalize your body through the soles of your feet


I’m an experienced and certified Reflexologist. I invite you to enjoy a relaxing session to help bring your body into balance and to sooth your mind, body, and soul.
Please call or email me to book an appointment.


*Reflexology Session-$65.00 (60 minutes)

*Reflexology Session Mobile-Home visits -$85 .00

*Gift Certificates Available


*Reflexology is covered by various healthcare insurance companies and health spending accounts. Check with your provider


If reflexology is not included, clients can request to have it added to their coverage or ask their employer to include it in their group health insurance.



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History of Reflexology

An Ancient Science

Reflexology is an ancient healing technique practiced in China, India and ancient Egypt as far back as 2,500 BC. It is based on the principle that reflexes in the feet correspond with organs, glands and functions of the body.  Applying pressure on these reflexes encourages free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in the body. Every part of the foot corresponds to an area of the body.  Working on areas of the feet stimulates the corresponding organ, gland or function. In essence, receiving a reflexology session can be the equivalent of a full body massage.

As a certified Reflexologist, my goal is to aid in encouraging relaxation, reduce stress and to promote the body's innate healing abilities by applying this wonderful non-invasive modality.

"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Who I Am and What I Do

My Journey

I was introduced to the world of  Reflexology in 1993. I had just returned to England from working in Spain for 2 years and had a  strong desire to expand, learn and practice a modality that was part of the holistic wellness world - one that would compliment and work alongside other therapies. After completing the Practitioner in  Reflexology certificate at the Philip Salmon School of Reflexology in London, England, I moved to Calgary in 1994. Over the years I have been on a journey of self-development and growth and have learned many aspects of holistic health. I was excited to learn the amazing potential of the human "being" - mind, body and spirit - and the importance of that connection.  With every session, I strive to both educate and assist you to awaken your own body's innate healing potential through Reflexology. My aim is to guide you to whole body wellness.
Reflexology has been a part of my life for the past 27 years and to this day I'm surprised and delighted with every session to see how your feet reflect the rest of your body. I love to help my clients appreciate how their body is the most amazing and efficient computer they will ever own.

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The Benefits of Reflexology

Why Reflexology?

* Relaxation

* Enhances circulation

* Can aid in the decrease of pain

* Assists the body to normalize metabolism naturally

* Stimulates nerve function

* Increases energy

* Improve sleep

* Complements other healing modalities


*Results from reflexology treatment are often subtle and are cumulative. Thus you’re more likely to see greater benefits from regular sessions (for example, 1 treatment weekly for 4 weeks, then a “tune up” once every 4-6 weeks).

*Everyone can benefit from this natural, non-invasive treatment to help encourage balance throughout the body.


Customer Reviews

Victoria is a caring and expert practitioner. I typically land in her treatment room as a congested pool of anxiety. An hour and a bit later, I leave feeling fully relaxed , absolutely supported, and at peace with the world and my sinuses. I love the way I sleep after my treatments - and I adore Victoria. She is deeply skilled reflexology practitioner and passionate about her craft. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

            Kimberlee Jones, Calgary. January, 2021

Hearing that Victoria is opening her own reflexology practice was wonderful news. I've enjoyed visiting her most recent home studio with its cosy and calming atmosphere. It's conducive to releasing distracting thoughts and feelings in order to receive the greatest benefit. Having a treatment from her is the highlight of my week; afterwards I feel relaxed, refreshed and grateful to be aware of issues within my body that need attention. Her willingness to listen, her intuitive nature and innate ability to identify key areas of concern have been an undeniable asset in my life, but no more so than during my cancer journey. I appreciate the opportunity to share my positive results with reflexology from Victoria's experienced and skillful hands, and highly recommend her services.

Anne Cuming



Located in West Hillhurst, Calgary, AB
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