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Customer Reviews

Hearing that Victoria is opening her own reflexology practice was wonderful news. I've enjoyed visiting her most recent home studio with it's cosy and calming atmosphere. It's conducive to releasing distracting thoughts and feelings in order to receive the greatest benefit. Having a treatment from her is the highlight of my week; afterwards I feel relaxed, refreshed and grateful to be aware of issues within my body that need attention. Her willingness to listen, her intuitive nature and innate ability to identify key areas of concern have been an undeniable asset in my life, but no more so than during my cancer journey. I appreciate the opportunity to share my positive results with reflexology from Victoria's experienced and skillful hands, and highly recommend her services.

Anne Cuming

“This review is long overdue. I had been to a couple different Reflexologists before finding Victoria, and although the others were very good, my sessions with Victoria were leaps and bounds better! She has strong, yet gentle hands. She is caring, intuitive, and extremely knowledgeable. I learned so much about the connection between our feet and the rest of the body; and simply put, if your feet feel good, the rest of your body will feel good. Reflexology is much more than just a foot massage (or hand, or whatever method of Reflexology is used). Some of the results are immediate as I can feel myself relaxing during a session, and sometimes the results show up later, as I always have a really good sleep the night after a session with her.    If you are interested in a natural, comforting way of stimulating your whole body’s natural healing (while also getting an amazing foot massage), then I highly recommend you book a session with Victoria!”

Sandra Onia

Ahhh.. so after a few days to integrate and balance all the meridian's and getting the energy flowing smoothly again, I want to yell from the rooftops what an amazing talented compassionate energy healer Victoria is. She truly is a gem whose main focus is creating a comforting environment for you to relax and tune into your own healing abilities. For those who are tired of battling the elements outside of themselves and are ready to create the change they want in the world from within, I definitely recommend her as a stepping stone in the right direction.

Kristi Paul

"Vicki is not only an amazing person with a beautiful heart and a wonderful energy, but she is knowledgeable, thorough and so incredibly talented at what she does. 
I always leave my foot reflexology sessions feeling relaxed and completely taken care of. I am so blessed to have found this talented woman!
It is so important to take care of our feet, and equally important to see the connection between the feet and the rest of the body. I highly recommend Vicki to anyone who wants to experience the benefits of foot reflexology!"

Tamara Hanson


I arrived at Victoria's home to find a most welcome atmosphere.

The room is cozy and the energy is fairy like. 

I was immediately transported to a relaxed state and felt the time flew by as

Victoria used her magical hands to soothe my feet. 

I highly recommend Sole Vitality Reflexology! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Melissa Sokol                                                                                                                     Liquid Light Healing





I have been seeing Victoria for reflexology appointments every few weeks since early summer.

I have come to her as post-viral with all kinds of discomfort from painful joints and muscles to moderate/severe GI issues. I'm finding that during and after each session I have felt not only remarkably relaxed, but my pain level has gone down noticeable levels on a scale of 1-10. The best part is that the results have been long-lasting. Since my second to last treatment, I have had none of my months long joint pain and have been off my painkillers completely. After being sick for months, this has been monumental for me. I can't recommend her (and her calming space) enough. I now feel reflexology should be part of a personal wellness plan the same way massage and chiro are. Thank you, Victoria

                                                               Savannah-October, 2020



I am 74 years old and feel as if I have been written off by the medical profession. For many years I suffered with neuropathy of my lower legs and feet. The lack of sensation made me feel as if I was walking on artificial legs. I was referred to a neurologist who was able to confirm the lack of sensation but could not offer any treatment to relieve the problem. I have been receiving weekly reflexology sessions from Victoria for several months. The feeling in my legs and feet has improved enormously, making walking easier. Improved walking has given me more energy which has led to a feeling of wellbeing. In short, my life has improved. 

Thank you  Victoria, I recommend you without hesitation.



                                                  Judy Farrow, Calgary,November 2020







Victoria is a caring and expert practitioner. I typically land in her treatment room as a congested pool of anxiety. An hour and a bit later, I leave feeling fully relaxed , absolutely supported, and at peace with the world and my sinuses. I love the way I sleep after my treatments - and I adore Victoria. She is deeply skilled reflexology practitioner and passionate about her craft. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

                                           Kimberlee Jones, Calgary. January, 2021

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